Re-Constructing the Progressive Agenda

The government provided by the New Democratic Party from 1991 to 2001 produced much better overall economic and social results than the government that has been provided by the Campbell Liberals since 2001. The Harcourt, Clark and Dosanjh governments were able to do this while dealing with a backlog of critical issues which had been ignored by a dysfunctional Social Credit government, a blinding media spotlight, and an economy undergoing a fundamental transition. And in addition to providing, on balance, responsible government in turbulent times, NDP governments always recognized a larger project for government -- to be an expression of the desire of citizens to build a better society.

In time, the impact of the decisions being made by the current government will be more fully understood, and the accomplishments of the years of NDP government will be judged in a more balanced historical perspective. This will provide an opportunity to re-build public support for a government that invests instead of divests, and promotes hope and optimism instead of fear and division.

Why we’re different from the Liberals

Tax and fiscal policy

Health Care

Support for families

Employment issues

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November1, 2003